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Ginetta G40 Body Panels Info

Panels on the G40 fit together slightly differently on each car, and adjustment is done by factory engineers if the fit is significantly out of line. The main body shell is bolted and glued onto the frame and can't be adjusted. Adjustments are only possible on the panels that fit onto the main shell: doors, boot lid and clamshell (bonnet). Those adjustments may involve sanding of the panel edges. Minor adjustments can be done DIY-style, as described below.

Adjustment points for the boot lid

There are several bolts and levers in the boot lid fixing mechanism. The photo below shows the three bolts used for adjustments of the height and lateral dimensions. The same bolts are on each side of the car. You will need a 3 mm Hex / Allen key for these bolts.

The 200-litre boot is good for a tool box and a couple of 5-litre fuel cans and other fluids. A good club car which you can genuinely drive to track with all your gear inside, except for spare wheels.