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Description: Ginetta G40 Dimensions & Trailers

These dimensions are copied from factory drawings, from the PDF provided by Ginetta France


  • Wheelbase: 2,250 mm (88.6 in)
  • Length: 3,748 mm (147.6 in)
  • Width: 1,642 mm (64.6 in)
  • Height: 1,045 mm (41.1 in)


For transporting, I use an Ifor Williams tralier, type CT136 twin axle. This is an easy trailer to use but for the G40, you will need to block up the ramps where they lay on the road, so that the G40 doesn't bottom out when rolling onto the trailer. If your tow vehicle is low to the ground, such as my Mercedes CLK, you'll also need to raise the trailer on the jockey wheel to provide a better rake for loading.

I have also used a Brian James trailer, an older equivalent of the A4, and while this is a bit more difficult to use, there is no issue with the G40 bottoming out when loading. The C4 Blue looks feasible as a smaller trailer, but I've never tried one for size.