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Description: Ginetta G40 Power to Weight

The following specs describe the G40 with 1.8 Ford Zetec, 17" wheels, two seats, air conditioning, carpets, standard doors and standard other parts as sold for GRDC or G40 Cup.


  • Factory quoted weight: 840 KG
  • Measured weight (dry, no fuel): 915 KG
  • Measured weight variables: Quantum shocks with Avon ZZR tyres, not Protech shocks with Michelin PS3 tyres


  • Factory quoted power: 135 BHP
  • Measured power dyno: 140 BHP
  • Measured power variables: 5k mostly track miles on the clock, Avon ZZR tyres, test by Dyno Driven

Power to weight

  • With 85 KG driver: 140 BHP / tonne
  • No driver: 153 BHP / tonne