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Description: Ginetta G40 Fuel System

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is a sealed FIA-specification fuel cell, much like a bag within a 45 litre aluminium box. We have emptied and refilled the tank and it takes 38 litres.

The fuel tank is located behind the driver and can be accessed by removing the panel in the boot. Open the boot, remove the carpet from the vertical panel, undo the bolts that hold in the panel, remove the panel and you'll have good access to the fuel tank.

Ginetta G40 Fuel Tank

Note: In this picture, the filler pipe connection was leaking, which is why we looked into the system. The exterior of the tank should obviously be dry.

The fuel pump is on the top-left of the fuel tank. The fuel filter and gauge sender are probably inside the tank, but we haven't looked into this yet. I had the fuel filler pipe replaced on my car as it was too short, and that can only be done by removing the rear window of the car. 

To remove the fuel pump and gauge sender, you have to remove the whole fuel tank by undoing the bands / straps that hold it secure in the boot. Thanks to Luca Cortese, a G40R owner in Italy, who found out how to do this and let me know.

Fuel Measurement

The dashboard fuel gauge in the G40 is not reliable. I find that when the tank is full, the gauge registers 3/4 full for the first 15 miles. After about 30 miles on track, or one hour of road driving the fuel gauge registers quarter full or close to empty, whereas it probably has more than half left.

There is a fuel drain valve in the engine bay, where the fuel line runs across the bulkhead in front of the driver. New G40s come supplied with the adapter for the fuel valve and a length of drainage hose, but you'll need to attach a pump switch (available from Ginetta for approx. £150). The switch connects to a Sure-Seal connector (available from ITT Cannon).

Ginetta G40 Fuel Drain-off Valve

If you don't have a fuel pump or accurate method of measuring, you can calculate using about 7 litres per 20-minute track session (approximately 0.4 litres per minute). I start a track session on half a tank and top up 10 or 15 litres after about 20-30 minutes. For racing, I'd use 8-10 litres for a 15-20 minute race, and a full tank for a one-hour-race.

Note: fuel weighs approximately 0.77 KG / litre.


The tuned Zetec engine will run on 95 or 98 octane fuel.