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Reference: Ginetta G40 Electrics

Location and specifications of electrical components:

  • Fuses - mini blade type, passenger footwell / dashboard (see also Ginetta G40 Maintenance Specs)
  • Relays - with the fuse box
  • ECU connector - passenger footwell
  • Starter motor - passenger side of engine
  • Alternator - 12V 90A (Wood Auto WOOALT10227) , driver side of engine
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS) - above alternator, on front end of throttle linkage
  • Timing transponder - MyLaps X2, fit to driver-side front suspension strut, power connector on front of engine
  • Fuel pump - on top of fuel tank (behind the panel in the boot)
  • Battery - 12V TE Connectivity lithium-ion, located in the passenger side of boot, supplied by Ginetta with a 12V AccuMate trickle charger

There is no power steering, anti-lock braking system, stability management or traction control.