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Ginetta G40 Seat Adjustment

The seat supplied with the GRDC G40 in 2016 is a Ginetta-branded Cobra Monaco (or similar). The driver's seat is mounted on a frame and rail with forwards / backwards motion. The seat cannot be adjusted up or down or tilted in situ, but you can remove it and make some adjustments.

If you are over 6' /1.84m tall, you may find that your helmet hits the internal frame of the G40 when you ride race-track kerbs. Also, race cars are fitted with a banner / visor at the top of the windscreen which lowers the vision by a couple of inches. If you can't see or you bang your head, youre options are:

  • Replace the seat with a different make, such as the Tillet B6F.
  • Tilt / rake the seat backwards, as described below.

Loosening the seat

The seat is held onto the rail / frame with four bolts; one in each corner of the seat. To remove the seat from the rail, remove the 13 mm nuts on these bolts. You will need a special combination of socket bars to access these nuts, including a "wobble" socket / bar and a deep socket. See the photographs below for the bolts and example of the tool. 

Adjusting the rake of the seat with washers

You can slightly adjust the rake of the seat by placing washers on the bolts at the front of the seat, as illustrated in the following photos.

Removing the seat

After loosening the seat, you won't be able to remove it from the car unless you undo the seat belts at the D bracket that attaches the belts to the floor. This is because the buckle of teh five-point harness does not thread through the hole in the Cobra seat (the photo below).

With the seat loosened, you can move it aside and undo the belts from the buckles underneath, and then lift the seat out.

Adjusting the rake of the seat from the mounting brackets

In addition to the washer adjustment described above, you can also adjust the rake of the seat by removing the side brackets from the seat and using a different combination of bolt holes.