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CV Summary - Development Cooperation


M.Sc. Forestry, University of Helsinki, Finland

B.Sc. Timber Technology, Bucks College, UK

Certificate in e-Learning Design, Institute of IT Training, UK

Country Work Experience

Belgium, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Philippines, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Donor Agency Experience

European Union, Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Finnida), World Bank.

Professional Experience

1991 to 2001 - Project Manager - FTP International Ltd - Finland

I was responsible for managing development cooperation projects, tendering for new business from donor agencies, reporting and conducting consultancy missions in my areas of expertise. This expertise included: training materials production; publishing and internet; project planning and management; forestry; and appropriate technology. I conducted over 20 short-term consultancies.  Projects I worked on included the following: 

  • SUCOF Training Materials Production Project (Support to Community Oriented Forestry), 1994-2002, Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Project Manager / Training Materials Specialist.
  • Successful tender for the Mid-term Evaluation of the EU Social Forestry Training and Extension Project (SOFTE) in Malawi, 2001.
  • SADC AAA.5.9 Programme, Improvement and Strengthening of Forestry Colleges in the SADC Region. Documentation Specialist.
  • World Bank, World Links for Development Project. Internet Specialist.
  • Successful tendering for the Sustainable Forest Management Programme in Malawi, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2000-2001.
  • Reporting for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the WBIEN Sustainable Forestry Program, 1999-2001.
  • SUCOF / SADC AAA 5.9 projects. Numerous workshops on training materials production. "These workshops have had an enormously positive impact. The Mission found that, when asked which workshop they valued most, answered: the TMP workshops". Final evaluation of the SUCOF project by HECT consultancy (Netherlands). 1997 - 2000.
  • APPRODEV Project, Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1991-1996. Designed and wrote a full set of course and extension materials for sustainable forest harvesting. I lived one year in Malawi where I was responsible for establishing a network of forestry officers interested in promoting appropriate technology in forest harvesting.

1991 to 2004 - Documentation Specialist and Project Manager - Sonera, Nokia, Nortel, Kudos Information - Finland/UK

See my CV Summary - Technical Communication

2004 to 2005 - Project Manager, Pebsham Country Park - Hastings Borough Council - UK

I was responsible for planning and managing the early stages of a large, new country park in Hastings. This involved preparing a vision and project plan, including negotiation between the three local authorities involved, stakeholder consultation and opportunity analysis in respect to future use and funding. The project was a joint development between Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council. I was answerable to a steering committee of local politicians and senior officers. I used the logical framework approach for planning and tried to implement Prince 2 project management practices for the further development.

2005 to present - Documentation Consultant and Contractor - SWIFT, Nokia, Shell, Rentokil Initial - Belgium/UK

See my CV Summary - Technical Communication

List of Consultancies

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