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Description: Ginetta G40 Headlamps

High-beam headlamps and sidelights

The outer lamps provide side-light and high beam. You can adjust the lights from inside the clamshell with a flat screwdriver, as shown in the photo.

Replacement lamps are available from Ginetta at approximately £105, or possibly from Car Builder Solutions (click image below).

Main-beam headlamps

The inner lamp is the main beam (low beam) and you can adjust the height and direction with the mounting screws, as with the high beam light (above).

Replacement lamps are available from Ginetta, or possibly from Car Builder Solutions (click image above).

Replacing and protecting the lamps

These lights get smashed quite easily when on track. See my tip below for protection.

Replacing the high-beam lamp is relatively straightforward as long as you have the complete assembly (lamp with mounting screws and connectors) and take a note of the adjustment settings on the broken lamp.

To replace the lamp, remove the four mounting / adjusting screws where they join the car body by turning the black connectors. Remove the whole connector from the body, don't be tempted to unscrew the lamp up the thread, as this will take a long time.

Measure the position of the mounting / adjustment screws and set the new lamp to the same settings before fitting to the car. 


For racing, most drivers protect the lamps with tape. I prefer to use clear covers, as the lights will still be usable. Plastic salsa pots held on with tape may look a bit rubbish, but they work well!