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Appropriate Technology Training Manuals

As part of my work in with forestry institutions southern and East Africa (1992 to 1994) I wrote a set of manuals on appropriate forest harvesting techniques. I used a modular documentation approach with Adobe PageMaker.

Cover page - oxen loggin manuals

You can download a selection of the manuals from the following links:

Oxen logging manual (925 KB)

Sulky (log arch) manual (1.4 MB)

Hand tools manual (1.2 MB)

Logging management workbook (640 KB)

Log sizing, 2-panel pocket guide (46 KB)

I also trained officers from the LEAF Foundation in Bislig, Mindanao, Philippines to write a set of quick-reference logging manuals.

Felling a tree (3-panel leaflet in Visayan language)

Felling a tree (A4 document in English)

Cross-cutting (3-panel leaflet in English)