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Reference: Ginetta G40 Parts

This page lists sources of parts for the G40, in alphabetical order of part name / type. Most parts are purchased from Ginetta, particularly those specified and controlled for championship racing, but some alternatives are listed.

To purchase from Ginetta, you'll need to set up an account and get a parts list. Ginetta publishes a parts list for the G40 with 2018 prices.

Contact Ginetta on the telephone (0113 385 4164) or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). You can also find a Ginetta parts truck at all meetings where Ginettas are racing in their main championships; supporting British Touring Cars (Ginetta Junior, GT5 Challenge) and British GT (GRDC, G40 Cup, GT5 Challenge).

Alternative suppliers - general list

Teams running Ginetta cars in a championship will have access to parts. You can find lists of teams and contact details on the Ginetta website, here:


Alternator - 12V 90A. Available only from Ginetta (part G40-E0239) for approximately £227 inc. VAT, but supplied by Wood Auto, part number WOOALT10227. See also Ginetta G40 Engine & Drivetrain Info.


The battery is a Varley 530 12v lead-acid racing battery, available from Ginetta for about £240 inc. VAT. Battery dimensions, approximately: 180 mm wide x 180 mm deep x 130 mm high. Battery weight: 10.8 KG. Capacity: 28 Ah. CCA (18c): 410A. Max torque: 6.8 Nm.

Bonnet / Clamshell

Available from Ginetta (they have several on the truck for every race meeting) for approximately £1,195 inc. VAT (part G40-B0266). This unit does not include any grills, badges, hinges, catches or light pods. The light pods are £250 each, inc. VAT (part G40-B0415 LH, G40-B0416 RH). The whole set up will cost about £2,000.

Bonnet AeroCatch

The bonnet is secured at the rear with an AeroCatch hood pin on each side, with the locking pin mounted on the bulkhead. AeroCatches are available from Ginetta for £61 inc. VAT for a box of two (part G40-B-0191) or from Tegiwa. The AeroCatch strike pin is also available from Ginetta for £8 inc. VAT (part G40-B0380).

Brake calipers

Available only from Ginetta for approximately £133 inc. VAT each for rear calipers (two pot), and £218 inc. VAT each for front (four pot). Left and right calipers are different, so specify which side you need (front left G40-I0035, front right G40-I0036, rear left G40-I0005, rear right G40-I0006). Manufactured by Hi Spec Motorsport of Dartford exclusively for Ginetta. See also Ginetta G40 Wheels, Tyres & Brakes Spec.

Thanks to Ivano Cimaglia, G40R owner in Italy for advising that AP5000+ front calipers should also fit, possibly the CP5040-10/-11/-12/-13 - 130mm Centres.

Brake discs / rotors

Available from Ginetta (part G40-I0002) for approximately £67 inc. VAT per pair. Brake discs / rotors are vented, the same front and rear, manufactured by Borg & Beck (BBD4074). This part is sourced from a Vauxhall / Opel Astra.

  • Borg & Beck BBD4074 (original part). Specifications: Diameter: 279.8 Thickness: 25.0 Minimum Thickness: 22.0 Height: 42 Bore Diameter: 70.0 Studs: 5 Location Studs: 3
  • MTEC 925 grooved (alternative part). Diameter: 280 Thickness: 25.0 Minimum Thickness: 22.0 Height: 42 Bore Diameter: 70.0 Studs: 5 Location Studs: 3. Approx. £65 inc. VAT per pair.
  • Brembo Max (09.7629.75) / AP Xtreme (X 24739) grooved (alternative part). Same specs as above.

Brake pads

Available from Ginetta (part G40-I0048) for approximately £147 inc. VAT per set. Brake pads are PFC Carbon Metallic 77 x 51 mm (part no. 7705.11.14.54), and the same front and rear.

For non-Ginetta racing I've been told that alternative brake pads will fit, but I've never tried them. The types mentioned are as follows:

  • Carbon Lorraine CL6 used with MTEC grooved discs (reported as good for sprints). See here for a diagram of the CL6 pad shapes. I'm not sure which model number matches the Ginetta size, if any, but you can contact CL Braking (Birmingham, UK) and quote the PFC pad dimensions given on this page.
  • Ferodo DS3000 used with MTEC hooked discs (but reported as not fully spreading across the disc face, resulting in warping). Ferodo DS pads are specified here, and are not suitable for road use. Ferodo do specify a specific pad (front FCP399, rear FCP408) for the Ginetta G40 (see the PDF catalogue from the link above, page 1100), so the report of the pad not fitting the disc would need checking.

Fire extinguisher

G40 race cars are fitted with an FIA homologated Lifeline Zero 2000 (bottle dimensions 30x15 cm), 2.0 litre, 2.25 kg extinguisher, plumbed to fire manually via cable. These must be serviced every two years (by Lifeline agents if you need to comply with FIA, not just MSA homologation) to comply with MSA Blue Book regulations (scrutineering).

Headlamps - high-beam and sidelights

Replacement high-beam lamps are available from Ginetta (part G50-L0030) at approximately £117 inc. VAT, or possibly from Car Builder Solutions:

Headlamps - main-beam

The inner lamp is the main beam (low beam). Replacement lamps are available from Ginetta (part G50-L0029) at approximately £143 inc. VAT, or possibly from Car Builder Solutions:

Mirror - Interior, rear-view

For better vision on track, the long-view type mirrors can be fitted in front of the factory mirror, clamped onto the roll cage. The following mirror is available from Amazon for approximately £20 and although the clamps do not fit the diameter of the roll cage, you can secure them with cable ties:

Mirrors - side

The mirrors on the G40 GRDC, G40 Cup and road car are the same as the mirror from a BMW Mini, Mark 1.

Shocks / Dampers

Quantum One Zero are available from Ginetta or possibly direct from the manufacturer. The front and rear dampers are different, so specify which you need.

Spark plugs

Ginetta supplies NGK spark plugs for the G40 (part GIN-V6-H-0014) for approximately £9 each inc. VAT.


Avon ZZR tyres (215/40-17 AT64) are supplied by Protyre or Ginetta and cost approximately £166 each if you buy them via a team. Here are some options for buying them from other suppliers:

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres (205/40-17) are available everywhere.

I haven't tried these but I'm told the following are used:

  • Nankang AR1 215/40-17

As of 2019, G40 Cup cars will run the 15" TD wheel with Michelin race tyres, as follows:

  • Dry: Michelin Slick (Hard) 18/58-15 S9AL (inflated diameter 588 mm)
  • Wet: Michelin Rain 18/58-15 P2AL (inflated diameter 588 mm)

The Michelin racing tyres are available for 17", but may be too big on inflated diameter, so would need confirming for the 7.5" rim (and comparing to the inflated diameter of the Avons, which are 590 mm):

  • Michelin Pilot Sport GT Rain P2G 20/61x17 (inflated diameter 604 mm on 8" rim)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport GT Slick S8L (Medium) 20/61x17 (inflated diameter 604 mm on 8" rim)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport GT Slick S9M (Hard) 20/61x17 (inflated diameter 606 mm on 8" rim)

See also Ginetta G40 Wheels, Tyres & Brakes Spec.


Only available from Ginetta, although manufactured by Rimstock / Team Dynamics. One 17" wheel costs approximately £240 including VAT. See also Ginetta G40 Wheels, Tyres & Brakes Spec.

As of 2019, G40 Cup cars will run the 15" TD wheel, as used by Ginetta Junior and GT5.

Wheel centre caps

54mm inside, available from Team Dynamics or possibly Ginetta, but not easily. Alternatives are as follows:


The windscreen is probably from a Ford, as it has the heating elements. It's available from Ginetta (part G40-B0210) for approximately £557 inc. VAT.