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Reference: Ginetta G40 Electronics & Data Logging

There is no power steering, anti-lock braking system, stability management or traction control. The location and specifications of the main electrical components is listed below (excluding lights, wipers, etc.).

  • Fuses - mini blade type, passenger footwell / dashboard (see also Ginetta G40 Maintenance Specs)
  • Relays - with the fuse box
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) connector is in the passenger footwell. The GRDC, G40 Cup and G40R use a Specialist Components SC ECU, probably the older type Tornado 2 or Typhoon 2. The mapping would be manageable with SC's SXTune Legacy software but the mapping supplied is owned by Ginetta and must not be edited if you're racing in one of their championships. The connector to the ECU has been modified by Ginetta to a square, four-pin block, away from the standard DB9 COM type of connector. You should be able to buy a connector for this plug to COM or USB but it's not on their standard parts list.
  • CAN bus - There is some info on the CAN bus capabilities on the Racelogic (VBox) website, in the context of available data signals (listed as: battery voltage, coolant temp, engine speed, gear [probably sequential box only], oil temp and throttle position). I'm not sure what output connector is used for the CAN bus, but you would connect to an input on the VBox or another processor and software (data logger). I believe that VBox uses an OBD connection, and there is an OBD connector under the G40 dashboard, so it's likely that this is the connector for CAN data. 
  • Other data logging. You can purchase sensor kits for brake pressure and steering angle from Ginetta, and then connect through a data logger and/or VBox (details to follow).
  • Starter motor - below exhaust manifold, connected as shown in the diagram at the bottom of this page, in the master circuit.
  • Alternator - 12V 90A (Wood Auto WOOALT10227) , driver side of engine. Also connected as shown in the diagram at the bottom of this page, in the master circuit.
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS) - above alternator, on front end of throttle linkage
  • Timing transponder - MyLaps X2 is used for Ginetta racing, fitted to the driver-side front suspension strut, and to the power connector on front of engine.
  • Fuel pump - on top of fuel tank, behind the panel in the boot.
  • Battery - 12V Varley 530 Red Top lead-acid racing battery (non-spillable), located in a sealed box the passenger side of the boot.
  • New cars are supplied with a 12v AccuMate trickle charger. Keep the battery on charge as much as possible when the car is not in use, as there is a constant pull on the battery from the power on/off circuit (power switch button always alight).
  • Master switch relay - TE Connectivity control unit on the top of the battery box. The master circuit will be something like the one show below, which is for an MSEL master relay (image copyright
    Example Circuit Diagram -Ginetta G40 power circuit